Bing Homepage Quiz 2022: Play & Win Rewards Now!

Bing Homepage quiz can be played daily or weekly on various topics like Science, Pets, Geography, History, Sports, Entertainment, Knowledge base, and a lot more! You can also try quizzes like Bing today’s quiz and Bing news quiz if it’s of your interest!

Bing Homepage Quiz

To play Bing Homepage Quiz, you have to search for a lot of terms on Bing based on your interests. And to make it simple, we’ve collated the list of all Bing Homepage quizzes on a single page here! Yes, you can now play all the latest Bing Homepage quiz on our blog without even moving on to the other websites or blogs.

So let us first see, how one can play Bing Home page quiz using the official Bing search engine and later on, we’ve shared a lot of links to play quizzes on our blog other than Bing’s official quiz. So get ready!

Here’s How to Play Bing Homepage Quiz

Here’s how you can play Bing Homepage quiz easily!

1. Open on your desktop, tablet or mobile using your respective browser.

2. On the right hand side, you’ll find a “Q” icon, click on it and it will display the 1st question.

Bing Homepage Quiz

3. Select the option which you feel is right and click on either A, B or C!

4. Once done, it will now redirect you to the Bing search engine which displays the right answer as shown in below image!

Bing Homepage Quizzes

5. Next, tap on “Next Question” option that’s shown below the answer. Refer above image for the same.

6. You’ll now be asked 2 more questions regarding the same topic and now the result will be shared on your screen.

Bing Homepage Quiz answers and result

7. Once you see the result, you can also join Microsoft Rewards Program so that you can claim 10 points when you play the Bing Homepage quiz again using your Microsoft account on Bing.

That’s how simple it is to play Bing Homepage quiz from your PC, Laptop, smartphones or tablets on! If you are still now aware of what is Bing homepage quiz and if you can’t see the quiz option, you can always refer to our Bing guides section for additional information.

Well, is not an official website and all the trademarks belong to Bing that are used on this blog. To only reason to create this blog is to get all the Bing quizzes under a single roof.

We are currently planning to list over 100+ quizzes based on various interests. So far, we’ve got some of the interesting quizzes in the box for you.

Most Popular Bing Quizzes of All Time!

#1. Literature Quiz

#2. Dog Quiz

#3. New Girl Quiz

#4. Recycling Quiz

#5. Stonehenge Quiz

#6. NBA Quiz

#7. Thailand Quiz

#8. Friends Quiz

#9. Fitness Quiz

#10. New York Quiz

#11. Star Wars Quiz

#12. Culture Quiz

#13. Garden Quiz

#14. Healthy Food Quiz

#15. Olive Oil Quiz

#16. Halloween Quiz

We will be updating our list daily so that you get a new Bing Homepage quiz every day to play. Each quiz gives you enough knowledge about the subject and this could be useful to you in many ways!

But if you still want to play this game using the Bing official channel, you can follow the above-given step by step guide! That should help you surely!

Why You Must Play Bing Homepage Quiz?

We’ve always focused on educating our users and tried our best to ask the toughest & knowledgeable questions in the quiz so that the readers can gain immense knowledge about a particular topic or subject.

And that’s the reason why we suggest you to play some of these awesome Bing quizzes!

That being said, there are few drawbacks of official quiz option set up by Bing. Let’s see them now!

Drawbacks of Official Bing Homepage Quiz!

The only drawback of playing Bing quiz this way would be the limited number of questions (3 mostly). This is because it’s called Bing Today’s quiz and it keeps changing daily.

Moreover, you won’t be able to change the area of interest in this particular method. All you have to follow is what Bing asks you irrespective of your interest in the topic.

It will mostly ask you questions that are based on Geography and we understand that not all users are interested in a single topic.

And these drawbacks are the reasons why we’ve created this blog. We’ve got a lot of interesting quizzes of various topics and niches that you would love to play. Of course, you may love few of them and a lot of them might seem boring as it might not be of your interest.

Nevertheless, you could still play more of unofficial Bing Homepage quiz on our blog as well apart from Bing search engine home page which is available for all users by default as shown in the step by step guide above.

Stay tuned to our blog to get more information on Bing Quiz. We will soon update you with some interesting Bing News Quiz as well under a separate section! Till then, keep playing quizzes and have fun!

Stay tuned to our blog, Bing Homepage Quiz, for more such interesting quizzes and play it to the best!