What is Bing Quiz? Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Bing has always had hard time with giants like Google in all over the world and with Baidu in China. Bing search engine always strives hard to improve user experience and knowledge too at the same time. Bing had started conducting quizzes and people often search it as “Bing Homepage Quiz” to improve the knowledge of its users!

What is Bing Homepage Quiz?

These quizzes are often short and are related to the latest happenings in your country or worldwide. You might have noticed the Bing Home page quiz too if you use Bing as your default search engine.

What is Bing Quiz

Educating the customers is top priority for any organization and that’s what Bing is actually trying to do with the quizzes.

Right from art to sports, from education to games and from politics to entertainment, Bing quiz has got everything covered for you! You can play any quiz at any point of time using the Bing Homepage quiz option available on its search engine.

Apart from this, Bing Daily Quiz and Bing Weekly Quiz are also the available options if you want to play it daily and weekly respectively. When you feel lonely, especially during such times, it’s important that you keep yourself involved in one thing or the other.

The Benefit of Playing This Quiz!

Of course, you are playing this for just to pass your time or to gain knowledge. But did you know that you can actually win big rewards when you answer right to all the questions asked in the quiz?

Yes, you heard that right! You can actually win a lot of reward points which can be claimed in Microsoft Reward Program. You can also gain more points by playing Microsoft Quiz as well.

To make sure you don’t lose any of your points, create your Microsoft account before you start playing the quiz. This would ensure that all the points that are gained through Bing searches and Bing quiz are stored in your Microsoft account itself.

Stay tuned for more information on Bing Quizzes on our blog. I hope that you’ve not got an idea regarding what is Bing Quiz and what do you get by playing such amazing quizzes.

Here’s How to Fix “I Can’t See Bing Quiz” Problem!

Why Can't I see the Bing Quiz

If you’re new to Bing search engine and unable to find the Bing Quiz option even after searching for it, there must be an issue with your location or with your Microsoft account.

Users like you love to play quiz to gain some knowledge and spend free time at home. I understand that it’s frustrating when you want to take part in the quizzes and you can’t find the option to enter the game!

Let me tell you that, most of the times, the location setting is an issue for “I can’t see Bing Quiz” option on your search engine. I’ve given the best possible solution so that you can fix the problem and start playing Bing Homepage quiz right away!

Fix I Can’t See Bing Quiz Issue!

This issue is faced by thousands of users living in United States of America in the recent times. And I know that you’re too facing the issue and looking for a best possible solution.

Why Can't I see the Bing Quiz

So without further ado, let’s quickly fix I Can’t See the Bing Quiz on my search engine right away! Here’s what you need to do.

#1. Make sure that you have already opened the Bing search engine. If not, visit www.bing.com from your existing browser.

#2. Now on the top right corner, click  on Sign In option if you already have an account. Or Sign up using your hotmail or outlook email ID.

#3. Once done, click on the three horizontal lines (more options) which are right beside your account option on top right corner.

#4. You’ll now find few options in which you need to click on Settings.

#5. It will show you language, country and location settings. Click on Country settings option from the list and select United States.

#6. Once done, repeat the same process again in Settings and click on Location settings to enter the zip code of your area. Once you enter the zip code, scroll down at the bottom of the page and click on Save.

Well, that’s how simple it is to change the location in your Bing search engine. Once done, search for Bing weekly quiz or Bing Quiz and you will see the quizzes on your screen right away!

If you’ve selected the location to USA, don’t forget to join the Microsoft Rewards program which can be created from top right corner on Bing search engine’s home page (right beside three horizontal lines option in step #3 above).

I hope that your issue is now fixed. So what keeps you waiting? Start playing the quizzes and win some amazing rewards for yourself in this free time! If you’re not aware of what is Bing Quiz, you can check this post to know more right away!