Bing Stonehenge Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Stonehenge Here!

The prehistoric monument located in the heart of Wiltshire in England is believed to be constructed from 3000 BC to 2000 BC. It’s considered as a British cultural icon and is currently one of the the most famous landmarks in the United Kingdom.

I just love to explore new places and wonders of the world. In our previous post, I have asked some quirky questions in Bing Thailand quiz and Bing Literature quiz sections and today I am going to ask few on Stonehenge.

Bing Stonehenge Quiz!

Given the ancient monument dated back in 3000 BC, you might have less knowledge about Stonehenge, isn’t it? Well, if you have enough information and if you’re confident, you can play Bing Stonehenge quiz to test your knowledge right away!

Few questions might seem easy for you and few might be very difficult to answer if you don’t have much idea about the history of Stonehenge. Well, that’s what you get in every Bing Quiz you play on our blog. So get ready!

Best Bing Stonehenge Quizzes to Play!

Without wasting any time, here are some of the toughest Bing Stonehenge quiz questions you probably would fail to answer. And if you can challenge me, you can go ahead to answer all of them correctly! Good Luck!

Bing Stonehenge Quiz

1. As we have known well that Stonehenge is one of the most futuristic prehistoric monument in Europe. Then, where is exactly the Stonehenge?

A. Wales
B. England
C. Scotland

2. How did the ways for the bluestones get from Wales to Stonehenge?

A. The ancient engineers have used the ropes, levers and wooden sledges to do it
B. The ancient pilots have used the giants’ carts to carry the stones to Stonehenge
C. The ancient mariners has put the giants rocks on boats and used the Great Britain Network of rivers to transport then to Stonehenge

3.About how many years ago may the first stones have been placed at Stonehenge?

A. 2,000
B. 3,000
C. 5,000
D. 10,000

4. Stonehenge was designed to coincide with what two events?

A. The midsummer sunrise and the midwinter sunset.
B. The spring equinox and the midwinter sunset.
C. The midsummer sunset and the midwinter sunrise.

5.According to the University of Birmingham article, which statement about Stonehenge is true?

A. It was surrounded by many other sacred sites.
B. It is older than all the other nearby archaeological sites.
C. Its circular design is unique among English stone monuments.
D. Its main importance was as a cemetery for chieftains.

6. Roughly how many people visit Stonehenge every year?

A. Half a million
B. One million
C. Two million

7. The BBC article states that the accepted route for the stones from the Wales to the site in Wiltshire is

A. The North Sea to the River Thames.
B. The Bristol Channel to the River Avon.
C. Overland by ox cart.
D. Along a valley carved by a glacier.

8. In what movie does someone accidentally reverse his car into Stonehenge and knock all of the stones down?

A. National Lampoon’s European Vacation
B. Hot Fuzz
C. Carry On England

9. What is the most logical reason why the acoustic research had to be done at a replica of Stonehenge?

A. Many of the original stones have fallen, affecting the sound.
B. The researchers were not allowed on the actual site.
C. The acoustic properties of the stones have changed over the millennia.
D. There was too much interference from noisy aircraft.

10. How many stone circles can be found in the British Isles?

A. Less than ten
B. Approximately 200
C. More than 900

11. To what did the researcher compare the acoustical effect of Stonehenge?

A. the silence within a huge cave
B. standing near a jet engine
C. walking into a great cathedral
D. attending a rock concert

12. Stonehenge is a _______________ monument.

A. Megalonitic
B. Megapathic
C. Megalithic

13. When is it estimated that construction began on Stonehenge?

A. 3100 B.C
B. 1900 B.C
C. 1100 B.C

I hope that you now know how difficult it is to complete Bing Stonehenge Quiz specially when most of the quizzes are dating back to 3000 BC or even 2000 BC.

Know More About Stonehenge!

You can find more information on Stonehenge and can probably get all your answers on this page. So make sure that you read the complete information about Stonehenge completely.

If you’ve failed in about Bing Stonehenge quiz, you can probably play again now as you’ve already read the information on the WikiPedia page of Stonehenge. I wish you all the best again!

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