Bing News Quiz: Daily and Weekly News Updates with Quizzies!

Being updated with the latest news and playing the Bing news quiz is a hobby for many. While most of them might consume the news to improve their general knowledge, a few of them keep an eye on trending news to know what’s happening around them.

Be it anything, Bing News Quiz is the perfect recipe for you to keep yourself updated with the weekly and daily news around you. The questions given in the Bing news quizzes might be generic, but they’re surely useful in many ways to keep yourself updated.

Have a glimpse at the below-given questions of Bing weekly news quiz and test your knowledge.

Bing News Quiz

Bing News Quiz

The below given Bing news quiz will be updated weekly and at times it will be updated daily if anything useful comes up in the trending news.

1. In great news for her species, a rare animal mama named Qin Qin welcomed her second set of twins. What is Qin Qin?

A. Five-toed sloth
B. Giant Panda
C. Tasmanian Tiger

2. Visiting US Marines reportedly ate the Greek port of Alexandroupoli’s entire supply of what?

A. Baklava
B. Chicken McNuggets
C. Eggs

3. Who trounced Hillary Clinton 11-4 in a legal knowledge quiz, as revealed in her upcoming docuseries ‘Gutsy’?

A. John Oliver
B. Kim Kardashian
C. Donald Trump

4. Which airline announced a deal this week to buy Spirit Airlines?

A. Alaska Airlines
B. JetBlue Airlines
C. Delta Airlines

5. After more than 60 years, which popular beverage is getting a new bottle design?

A. Sprite
B. Fanta
C. Gatorade

6. After agreeing to a two-year contract extension this week, which professional basketball player became the NBA’s highest paid player ever?

A. Steph Curry
B. Kevin Durant
C. LeBron James

7. A processed cheese product is seeing a boost in popularity right now. Which product is it?

A. Kraft singles
B. Velveeta
C. Tostitos nacho cheese

8. Grocery prices in the US increased by more than 13% on average over the last 12 months, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Which item showed one of the largest price spikes?

A. Rice
B. Milk
C. Eggs

9. The FBI executed a search warrant at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate as part of an investigation into the handling of presidential documents. Where is Mar-a-Lago located?

A. New York
B. Florida
C. South Carolina

10. A jersey worn by basketball legend Michael Jordan during one of the most famous seasons in his NBA career is headed to auction. How much do experts expect it will fetch?

A. $150,000
B. $1 Million
C. $5 Million

Bing News Quiz Answers Today!

  1. Giant Panda
  2. Eggs
  3. Kim Kardashian
  4. JetBlue Airlines
  5. Sprite
  6. LeBron James
  7. Velveeta
  8. Egg
  9. Florida
  10. $5 Million

We will be updating more questions to the Bing News Quiz weekly so that you can be updated with the hot news on regular basis. Make sure you follow our blog to get to know more about different quizzes like culture, literature, recycling, and many more!

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