Bing New Girl Quiz – Latest Bing Quiz Questions!

If you’re a die hard fan of the latest New Girl comedy series of Zooey Deschanel, you have arrived at the right place. We’ve collated a list of some amazing questions so that you can take part in today’s Bing New Girl Quiz!

Apart from just answering these trivia questions in this Bing New Girl Quiz, you have a lot more to learn and explore about the unknown facts of this hilarious comedy series.

Bing New Girl Quiz

Right from 2011 when New Girl launched their 1st season to the final episode aired in 2018, you have to remember every actor and actress that have worked in this comedy series. It would make it easy for you to answer the questions asked in today’s Bing New Girl Quizzes!

Bing New Girl Quiz!

Your wait is finally over! Here are some interesting questions that you are looking forward to answer!

#1. What is Jess’ last name?

A. Day
B. Simone
C. Deschanel

#2. In the season 4 episode “Julie Berkman is My Sister,” the guys try to help Schmidt land an account marketing what household product?

A. Paper towels
B. Soap
C. Sponges

#3. When Schmidt tries to woo a Republican he finds attractive, he pretends to be the son of what famous politician?

A. Mitt Romney
B. Paul Ryan
C. John McCain

#4. What musical instrument does Jess play?

A. Handbells
B. Harmonica
C. Ukulele

#5. What actors play Jess’ divorced parents?

A. Jerry Stiller and Estelle Harris
B. Christina Pickles and Elliott Gould
C. Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner

#6. During what season did “New Girl” get the coveted post-Super Bowl time slot?

A. Season 2
B. Season 3
C. Season 4

#7. What famous actor did Schmidt receive letters from as a kid?

A. George Clooney
B. Bruce Willis
C. Michael Keaton

#8. On what holiday does Jess find herself single for the first time ever?

A. Thanksgiving
B. Christmas
C. Valentine’s Day

#9. What is the name of lead actress Zooey Deschanel’s musical project?

A. She & Him
B. She & He
C. Him & Her

#10. In what state did Jess grow up?

A. Kansas
B. California
C. Oregon

#11. What basketball team does Jess become a fan of in order to try to bond with Coach?

A. New York Knicks
B. Chicago Bulls
C. Detroit Pistons

#12. What child star was originally considered for the role of Jess?

A. Melissa Joan Hart
B. Amanda Bynes
C. Lindsay Lohan

#13. After Jess is fired from her teaching job, she takes a short-lived position as what?

A. Dancer
B. Shot girl
C. Bouncer

#14. What is Schmidt deathly afraid of?

A. Spiders
B. Mice
C. Dogs

#15. In what 2015 creepy TV drama did Max Greenfield, the actor who plays Schmidt, have a small role?

A. Fargo
B. Hannibal
C. American Horror Story: Hotel

We’ll add more quizzes later on once we get them from our resources. If you have any latest Bing New Girl quiz ideas, you can share with us in the comment section right away! Stay tuned to Bing Homepage quiz for more quizzes and fun!

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