Bing Halloween Quiz With Answers – Play Here!

  • Halloween is the time where people love to makeover into a scary beast! Don’t you love doing it? Well, if you love Halloween as no other holiday or festival, this Bing Halloween Quiz is just made for you!

Challenge yourself to the core and make sure you answer most of the questions right in the mentioned Halloween quizzes.

Don’t get frightened, there’s nothing to scare you in the quiz. Play with a free mind and you’re sure to score more if you know a few things about Halloween beforehand.

Bing Halloween Quiz

Bing Halloween Quiz

So without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the trickiest Bing Halloween quiz questions you’ve ever heard about!

1.Which vegetable was originally used to make jack-o’-lanterns?

A. Spinach

B. Celery

C. Peppers

D. Turnips

2. William Henry Pratt was the actual name of the famed horror movie actor who used the stage name of _________________

A. Lon Chaney

B. Dick Cheney

C. Boris Karloff

D. Vincent Price

3. One astronomy question: The Sun appears to be in which constellation on Halloween?

A. Virgo

B. Libra

C. Scorpious

D. Gemini

4. In pre-Christian Celtic tradition, the Halloween season marked a festival called Samhain. What does this word mean?

A. God of the dead

B. Time for candy

C. Round up the cattle

D. Summer’s end

5. Which animals are most commonly associated with witches?

A. Black cats

B. Red pandas

C. Green frogs

D. Yellow dogs

6. Halloween traces its origins to this pagan festival:

A. Saturnalia

B. Ostara

C. Samhain

D. Imbolc

7. The Ouija board was first patented in what year?

A. 1775

B. 1890

C. 1920

D. 1995

8. Jack-o’-lanterns were originally carved from this vegetable:

A. Parsnip

B. Turnip

C. Radish

D. Carrot

9. Spiders have eight legs, but what other body part do they usually have eight of?

A. Mouths

B. Hands

C. Feet

D. Eyes

10. What sort of supernatural being is Dracula?


B. Ghost

C. Vampire

D. Banshee

11. Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, is a holiday celebrated near Halloween in which country?

A. Finland

B. Mexico

C. Portugal

D. lreland

12. The term “Pandemonium” now means a great frenzy of activity. Originally, it referred to a gathering of reveling___________

A. Minor league ball players

B. Bats

C. Demons

D. Ghosts

E. Werewolves

13. Which language does the word poltergeist come from?

A. German

B. French

C. Swedish

D. Czech

14. A vampire can be killed by:

A. All of these

B. Decapitation

C. Stae through the heart

D. Sunlight

15. If you saw a mummy chasing you on Halloween, which country would you guess it had come from?

A. China

B. Great Britain

C. Egypt

D. Transylvania

Bing Halloween Quiz Answers

1. Turnips
2. Boris Karloff
3. Libra
4. Summer’s end
5. Black cats
6. Samhain
7. 1890
8. Turnip
9. Eyes
10. Vampire
11. Mexico
12. Demons
13. German
14. All of these
15. Egypt

Loved Playing Our Bing Halloween Quizzes?

It will be interesting to see the scores of everyone as not all questions are easy to answer. That said, do share your Bing Halloween Quiz results in the comment box below and inspire others to score more than you. Stay tuned to our blog to get more of such Bing entertainment quiz from our end or you could also take part in Bing News Quiz if you’re interested in general quizzes.

2 thoughts on “Bing Halloween Quiz With Answers – Play Here!”

  1. 1. turnips
    2. Boris Karloff
    3. libra
    4.summers end
    5. a
    6. samhain
    7. 1890
    10. vampire
    11. German
    12. demons
    13. German
    14. all
    15. Egypt


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