Bing Garden Quiz: Most Questions are Unheard & Hard to Answer!

If you love nature and want to be surrounded by greens all time, I’m sure you have a garden in your backyard and love to play garden quizzes often. A lot of people love to do gardening as their hobby and few have a passion too. That being said, let’s test your knowledge with Bing Garden quiz listed on our blog now!

Bing Garden Quiz

Being passionate about gardening, I’m sure you will score high in our exclusive gardening quiz. You can also print off a copy of these garden quizzes and have fun with your loved ones too. If you’re looking for more quizzes other than gardening, you can check them out here once you complete this Bing garden quiz.

Besides you playing the quiz, you can guide your little ones about gardening and teach them few facts with this Bing Garden Quiz! So what keeps you waiting? Let’s get started!

Bing Garden Quiz

Top 15 Bing Garden Quizzes!

Have a glimpse that the below listed  gardening questions and try to answer them. All the answers are given below after the questions list.

#1. What herb is regularly mentioned along with Rosemary?

#2. Soil can be Acidic, Alkaline or……?

#3. What yellow flowering tree is poisonous?

#4. What special attribute makes Lavender ideal for dry conditions?

#5. A Hybrid Tea is a type of what plant?

#6. A beer trap can help control what type of pest?

#7. What is the technical term for planting seeds?

#8. Which nutrient plants do not get from soil?

#9. Which insect is not considered beneficial to a garden?

#10. What type of plants can be found in a rock garden?

#11. For how long seeds remain dormant? (Days, Months or Years)

#12. When should you plant daffodil bulbs?

#13. How long does it take beets to reach full size?

#14. What does N-P-K stand for?

#15. What disease will kill your tulips?

I hope that you’ve now got enough questions on Bing Garden quiz. If you feel they are less as per your expectations, do let me know in the comments below and I will get more questions added to our gardening quiz list above!

Bing Garden Quiz Answers

Have a look at the Bing Garden Quiz’s answers for the above asked questions in order wise!

#1. Thyme

#2. Neutral

#3. Laburnum

#4. Small Leaves

#5. Rose

#6. Slugs and Snails

#7. Sowing

#8. Carbon

#9. Grasshoppers

#10. Alpines

#11. Years

#12. In the Fall

#13. 90 Days

#14. Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium

#15. Tulip Fire

I know that these questions are tough to answer without any options (at least two or three) but that’s how our quizzes are designed. They test your knowledge to the best and nurture you in a particular vertical.

If you want to take a quiz with proper options, I do have Bing recycling quizzes variant for you. Of course, it’s not related to gardening but it’s a common vertical with respect to saving environment!

More Questions of Bing Garden Quiz Will Be Added Soon…

I’m sure that these questions doesn’t define you’re the best at gardening. But be rest assured, I will add more questions related to gardening. Till then, scratch your heads to answer above Bing Garden Quiz. Just kidding! I will surely get an easy version for gardening beginners very soon! Stay tuned to my blog for more

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